Gamasot | Food Journey

November 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Seeing Food

Gamasot is a small Korean restaurant in Rotterdam (Netherlands). A great place to eat good food and the prices are friendly too.

Bibimbap (mixed rice)

Bibimbap (mixed rice) can be served in many ways, but my number one favourite is the dolsot bibimbap – served in a hot stone pot. The sizzling sound of a dolsot bibimbap just make you want to dive in as quickly as possible, but wait… just a few seconds to get that layer of golden brown and crispy rice. Although, the bibimbap at Gamasot is not served in a hot stone pot the taste is really good.

Korean savory pancake hao mool pa jeon

Hao mool pa jeon savory pancake with seafood, a yummy dish to share with your friends.

Korean Lunchbox - Dosirak

Dosirak (lunchbox) with salmon sashimi, stir friend beef and vegetables and fried prawns. I love lunchboxes. Why? When I see boxes with food on the menu card, I just want to order it. Maybe it’s…

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