November 9, 2012 § Leave a comment


I shared a video earlier today on one of my social networks about the President delivering a speech in which he thanked his Campaign and cried, and said he was proud.
I shared it solely because I wanted to, not to get anything out of it.
A mate of mine comment’s on the link, saying it was ” poorly delivered and proof that Obama couldn’t deliver a simple speech without a teleprompter.”

  • I didn’t post a video for criticism, I posted it because I could.
  • If you wanted to judge it, go judge it elsewhere, because I honestly could care less. It changes nothing about how I portray the video, hence posting it in the first place.
  • You following to rudely comment on my remarks to what you have to say on my link, doesn’t make what you have to say better. Actually, it lessens it
  • If you’re going to be offended by what I have to say about your commentary by attacking me, then it sounds like a personal problem.
  • The irrelevance of what you have to say surpasses that of nothing else, period 

What have we learned here today? Respect others. 

And their beliefs, pride, and  freedom of expressions.
I defend what is mine, have pride in what is mine, and that is Freedom.


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