List of Drama’…

October 15, 2012 § 3 Comments

List of Drama’s to watch while I have the time:

  • Panda and Hedgehog
  • Vampire Prosectutor S2
  • The Walking Dead S2
  • Sherlock S2
  • Once Upon A Time S2
  • Reruns of more Doctor Who

Such a long list. Oy Vei


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§ 3 Responses to List of Drama’…

  • Did you watched last nights “The Walking Dead”?

    Oh…my gosh. Rick cut off the old man’s leg. I wonder if he will survive or turn into a zombie. One bite can probably turn the old man into a zombie. Who know I might be wrong but I guess will see what happens next Sunday. yay!!!

    What do you think?

    • fromsarahh says:

      haha No! I haven’t seen last nights episode, I still have to catch up watching S2 of the series before I’m up to date. I’ve heard that the news now is that the Zombie Sickness is airborne, which would be such a twist. I also heard that Shane was killed. I have SO much watching to do

      • Yes. Rick stabbed Shane because Shane wanted Rick dead. After rick killed Shane. Out of nowhere, Shane came back to as dead and was about to bite rick. Until’ ricks son shot shane in the head.

        And then you’ll have to watch the rest.

        It’s going to be good.

        Say, you should start posting up some poems.


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