mmm…. cabbage

October 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Not my Food...

I am going to Korea and this is not my way of bragging but rater my way of explaining because there will be KIMCHI (also spelled other ways)!

Ok so maybe for some that sounds like bragging and if you have an affinity for cabbage then it kind of is bragging but I will try my best not to be a jerk about it.

So in preparing for this trip (Note I left out the use of an adjective such as amazing, stupendous, exciting, etc. just so you would not be too jealous). So anyway in preparing I have three questions that I plan on asking my professor. This way I can enhance the learning on my trip to Korea in addition to my taste buds.

Since 2007 imports have risen 40% per year and many of the imports come from China do you think that this trade relationship…

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