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  • Danny Oppa says:

    I really want to try kimchi fried rice o.O I’ve had kimchi ramen before but it was sooooo spicy. Mouth and throat was on fire XD haha.

    • fromsarahh says:

      Oy I want to try kimchi in general haha! I’ve never tried korean food, but just by the looks and descriptions of most of it give me a pretty clear idea of how amazing it must taste. I bet it tastes great in ramen, I love spicy ramen haha xD.

      • Danny Oppa says:

        I’m sure you could buy some instant noodle kimchi ramen for a few dollars. I used to get all my food from a place in London called ‘Japan Centre’ 🙂 There should be lots of place in the states to get some. A company called ‘Nongshim’ usually does them.

        Kimchi is nice….just be prepared to burn haha. It’s very hot and spicy. 😀

      • fromsarahh says:

        lol Oh really? That’s pretty neat 🙂 Over here where I live in Orlando, there’s a few places here and there, but I never really go out to get them. Most places oriental and freshmarket are found downtown or more in different counties over, at least the places I know of. I have to do more searching though haha

      • Danny Oppa says:

        Ah okay 😀 I guess you could always just order online instead like I do 🙂 In the UK we mostly just have Chinese and Indian restaurants etc. They’re all over the place, my small town probably has about 10 of them lol.

        As far as Korean food? I’d have no idea. Japanese food you can go to bigger cities like London for example like I said.

        In my local city though we do have a Japanese noodle bar called ‘Wok & Go’ … I need to try it sometime 😀

      • fromsarahh says:

        lol I guess the UK and Florida aren’t too different when it comes to Asian food, there are tons of Chinese and Japanese restaurants in the area haha. When it comes to finding fresh food however, such as markets, its a COMPLETELY different story. I love eating sushi and hibachi, but I’ve never tried anything Korean, and I’d love to. We have a Kimchi restaurant that I’ve been meaning to check out, but haven’t had the time to. One day :,) And Wok and Go sounds so familiar to me for some reason haha

      • Danny Oppa says:

        haha yeah. You’ll have to go one day then! 🙂 I need to go to Wok & Go one day too 😀

      • fromsarahh says:

        lol looks like we both have places to go 🙂 So you’re from the UK?

      • Danny Oppa says:

        I do, yeah. In England 🙂

      • fromsarahh says:

        haha its one of a few on my list of places to visit someday, aside from France, Greece, South Korea and Japan :). I’m in the states lol.

      • Danny Oppa says:

        Very cool 🙂 Many people say they want to come here, I want to leave though haha.

        For me I guess South Korea, Taiwan and Japan are ideal 🙂 I would have been going to Taipei (Taiwan) next year but right now i’m not too sure. I pretty much have everything ready to book and organise though. And i’ll have my passport next month.

        So we’ll see…. 🙂

      • fromsarahh says:

        Oy thats plenty exciting! Haha, England seems so cool and pretty from afar. I mostly wanted to go because of the UK shows I’ve watched, they show good culture scenes that would make anyone from afar want to visit.It’s so..Eurpean. I was actually trying to do a Study-Abroad in Japan a year ago, to follow up on Journalism which is what I’m studying. But, since I’m still doing my generals here, I can’t go just yet. SK is just a different world to me. To see it one day is one of my dreams, lol and it will happen! One day. But thats good that you’re all ready to go, if anything gets confirmed and you get to go to Taiwan, then the best to you 🙂

      • Danny Oppa says:

        Just got to stay positive and i’m sure it’ll happen. 🙂 South Korea is definitely a whole different world. It’s like the media-industry of Asia too. The popularity of k-pop, k-dramas and stuff. Japan is just Japan, so who wouldn’t want to go? 😀

        Taipei is kinda nicknamed as the Asian city of love (like the asian equivalent of Paris) so i’d love to go. Plus I have so many connections and overseas friends from there. Accommodation and living costs there and so cheap too. I would have been staying for a month.

        Only problem thats stopping me from going is my ex girlfriend is Taiwanese and she’s back living and studying in Taipei. Plus her friends REALLY don’t like me. So hmmm…. idk.

      • fromsarahh says:

        lol I honestly didn’t know that about Taipei, you make it sound lovely 🙂 And from what it sounds like, whatever the relations, you shouldn’t let a person hold you back. And if her friends don’t like you, don’t let that rain on your parade, you should make the best out of that trip for yourself, and not hold back just because a few mates don’t like you. Its not like its the whole country against you :p South Korea got to me with all the dramas, and the k-pop, I admit, but the landscape and culture and food just draws me in. I’m curious enough to want to study and live over there for a while. And Japan is just JAPAN. Fantastically enough haha

    • fromsarahh says:

      lol what’s it like over there?

      • Danny Oppa says:

        England is meh. Honestly I understand why people want to visit. But I really don’t particularly like people here plus the town I live in is boring. Where I live is a beautiful place for going on walks, doing photography. But apart from that, you really need to go travel to one of the cities at the other side of the bridge for entertainment. Can be dull here.

      • fromsarahh says:

        Ooh, where you live is sounding an awful lot like Orlando. We’ve got all these attractions, close beaches and gorgeous skies, but its mostly dull and old people around. Not much to do if theres not an occasion planned lol

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