Good Golly. It…

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Good Golly. It’s been so long since I’ve actually just sat and written out a post. A delicate, straightforward one. 
I’m about to settle in on netflix, watch a flick, and maybe settle into a nice sleep.
It’s always nice, you know. The little thingsThey ease you, relax you, put you to sleep. And that’s all we really need, to be truthful. Just something to put us to sleep. 


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And in all of no relativity to it, I miss the bestest companion I ever came across.
So much.
It’s absolutely insane. How much you think you know someone.
Then all at once, the alignments in time change by a fracture, and you’re at it again.

I miss the Doctor.

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The tenth doctor specifically

Breakfast Pizza

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Culinary Adventures in the Kitchen

When I made my arugula-parmesan pizza, I found myself with leftover pizza dough. Lucky me! I tossed it in the fridge, left it covered overnight, and got crafty in the morning.

I had always wanted to try making a breakfast pizza; why not? The crispy thin dough seemed like the perfect canvas to carry the breakfasty flavours.

Breakfast pizza, it was.

As Anthony slept, I stealthily took out the cutting board, chopping knife, cheese grater, a pizza pan, and I set to (my ninja-esque) work.

I am confident that similar recipes have been conceived of before, but, nonetheless, I felt like a kitchen wizard.

…*imagines herself with a pointy wizard hat, crafting up delights*…

Aaaaaand scene.

This was a delicious breakfast, and a nice change from the ordinary.

Oh, and it was pretty! Score.

Breakfast Pizza

**amounts are totally dependent on how many servings you’re making…

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[Egg] Roll-in with the Homies

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Hand Roll Time

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Miss A

Vivid colours in these visual art pieces by Leif Podhajsky.

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