July 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

And now I have to go and get ready for the day. Off to shower, and then spend the everlong process of getting ready, which runs for about 45 minutes, and then to wait on the fams themselves to finish getting ready. It’s my cousin’s birthday, lol, He’s a little one, but eh, no complaints. I remember when I had my birthday parties growing up, it  made a difference in my life all the annoying colours and themes, the cheers and the drama that would follow the parties. lol, what I’ve gotta love most, is that almost everyone tried to have a good time. That’s what you’ll find me doing around 1.pm today.. ahh, and then that idiot of an exmanager stops by later to drop off my paycheck. Joy.
Who would’ve known that jobhunting was so hard? That’s what I’ve been doing, all summer, to no success :/ But I suppose its alright, eventually someones got to be hiring, and when they do, I’ll have that application turned in.

I’ve got myself some ruuuum, oh some baby ruuuum.


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